Glossy Patent Leather Coin Purse



Brand: Louis Vuitton

Model: Pochette Cles

Color: Burgundy

Material: Patent Leather


Dimensions: W13cm x H8.5cm

Serial number: CA4087

Country of origin: Spain

Condition: AB - good condition.

Introducing a Louis Vuitton Coin Purse in the luxurious Amarante Patent Leather a chic compact accessory. Meticulously crafted the exterior of this coin purse showcases a glossy surface with slight rubbing adding a touch of character to the patent leather. The metal fittings adorned with slight scratches maintain a subtle yet distinctive allure. Inside the interior preserves the classic Louis Vuitton charm with slight rubbing but there is a noticeable peeling which contributes to the coin purses well-loved journey. While there is no pocket the compact design makes it perfect for carrying essentials with ease. The corners displaying slight rubbing highlight the coin purses overall condition. Despite signs of wear this Louis Vuitton Amarante Patent Leather Coin Purse remains a stylish functional accessory effortlessly combining fashion-forward design with everyday convenience. Perfect for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in a compact form it reflects Louis Vuittons commitment to quality enduring style.