Leather Day Planner Cover



Brand: Louis Vuitton Model: Agenda cover Color: Orange Material: Leather


Dimensions: W10cm x H14.5cm x D1.5cm

Serial number: CA0034

Country of origin: Spain

Condition: B - good condition.

Presenting the \"Louis Vuitton\" Day Planner Cover a vibrant accessory in a striking orange m arin hue meticulously crafted from Epi Leather. This stylish functional day planner cover originating from Spain captivates with its bold color high-quality material.

Evaluating its condition the exterior showcases signs of use with rubbing on the surface while the metal fittings exhibit slight scratches contributing to its unique character. Internally there is evidence of rubbing and a subtle stain maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal. The pockets display slight rubbing adding a nuanced texture to the cover. Furthermore the corners feature signs of wear through rubbing completing the distinctive allure of this Louis Vuitton Day Planner Cover.

We recommend that you look at all the pictures before making your purchase to ensure that you are satisfied with the condition of the item.