Timeless Brown Canvas Handbag with Sophisticated Design


Brand: Louis Vuitton Model: Alma Color: Brown Material: Canvas Inclusions: / Dimensions: 24cm x 30cm x 15cm Serial number: NA Country of origin: France Condition: B - good condition. Introducing Louis Vuitton's "Alma" handbag a timeless classic designed to elevate your style with sophistication. Crafted from durable canvas in a rich brown hue it exudes an understated luxury. Despite displaying obvious traces of usage and noticeable damage /dirt the handbag maintains its allure. Notably the overall dirt is slight ensuring the handbag's continued appeal. However there is sun damage on the outside and lint balls inside which are worth noting. With its enduring quality and iconic design the Louis Vuitton "Alma" handbag remains a coveted accessory for fashion enthusiasts blending elegance and functionality seamlessly. We recommend that you look at all the pictures before making your purchase to ensure that you are satisfied with the condition of the item.

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Type: handbag
Main Material: Cotton