Double Heart Tag Necklace with Shell Motif


Brand: Tiffany & Co Model: Return to Tiffany Color: Silver Material: Silver Inclusions: / Dimensions: [Size] Around the neck: 40 cm Heart (large): 25.4mm x 20.8mm Heart (small): 19.5mm x 15.9mm [Weight] 7.11g Serial number: NA Condition: AB - good condition. Introducing the Tiffany & Co. Return to Tiffany Double Heart Tag Necklace a captivating fusion of elegance and coastal charm. Crafted from premium 925 silver and adorned with a delicate shell motif this necklace epitomizes the brand's iconic style and timeless allure. Featuring the signature double heart tag design it symbolizes love and connection while the addition of the shell accent brings a touch of beach-inspired whimsy. Whether worn as a reminder of cherished memories or as a statement of refined style the Return to Tiffany Double Heart Tag Necklace adds a touch of seaside sophistication to any ensemble. Elevate your look with the unmatched craftsmanship and enduring beauty of Tiffany & Co. making every moment unforgettable with this cherished piece. It has slight scratches. We recommend that you look at all the pictures before you make your purchase to make sure you are satisfied with the condition of the item.

Brand: Tiffany & Co
Type: necklace
Main Material: Silver